COVID19 Emergency Response

Help us in providing medical equipment to Iraqi citizens facing a major crisis. The increase in COVID-19 cases has led to a major lack of resources to save lives. Your donations towards funding medical equipment will allow COVID-19 patients to regain their health and prevent further deaths. Although donations of medical equipment are appreciated, we ask that you donate funds in order for us to avoid delays in shipment of the equipment.

Help Sponsor Muhsan:

Muhsan Al-Juaan is a 7 year-old boy from the city of Basra who was orphaned at a very young age. Muhsan lost his father due to natural causes at the age of 5 and has been living with his five sisters ever since. Life as an orphan isn’t easy, especially at such a young age. Give Muhsan a chance at a better life and help him rest assured in the fact that there is a promising life ahead of him by contributing towards his future.

Where Your Money Goes
as of June, 2020 Al-Ayn Iraq


Orphans Sponsored

Victims of Terrorism

Health Care Cases

Psychological Cases


Sustainable Projects

%0 Administration Fee

Thanks to our key partners, %100 of the donations we receive go directly towards helping orphans.

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Sadaqa Boxes

Though the benefits associated with all Sadaqa(alms) giving are endless, imagine the impact on the lives of orphaned children in poverty with every dollar you gift.

Run Your Own Campaign For Al-Ayn

Looking for an organization to collaborate with or work towards a good cause for? At Al-Ayn Canada we can help you run your own campaign for the orphans!

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Orphan Sponsorship

Founded in 2006, Al-Ayn Iraq has sponsored over 62,000 orphans. That means over 62,000 orphans have returning smiles on their faces and the light of hope has been brought back into their lives. Al-Ayn provides well-rounded care for every orphan. This includes but is not limited to: clothing, housing, food, health care and psychological care.

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General Donations

Donate towards Al-Ayn today and make an impact of a lifetime towards those in need. Join us in bringing hope and smiles back to an orphan but donating through our website, through our sadqah boxes or through sponsoring an orphan.


Messages from our Scholars

When we collectively aim to work towards a cause, the impact lasts a lifetime.
At our Al-Ayn Canada office, we work as a team to bring the spirit of giving to the
helpless alive through continuously providing for the needs of orphans in Iraq.
With support from people like you, we believe we can drastically improve the
lives of orphans and give them a chance at a brighter, and more rewarding future.

“Normally I am asked to come to many, many projects, but this is where I would come with my own full heart into it.”

Sayyid M. Rizvi, Maulana


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