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Those who spend their wealth in God's way by night and by day, secretly and publicly - they will
have their reward with their Lord and no fear will there be upon them, nor will they grieve.

– (The Holy Quran 2:274)

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Al-Ayn calls for support in providing children with a monthly source of financial security. The sponsorship program supports those in need by providing financial, medical, and psychological assistance. With a minimum of $100 per month, this comprehensive program gives children a chance to grow and believe in the limitless possibilities their future can hold.

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Why Al-Ayn

At Al-Ayn, we are first and foremost responsible to the children and communities with whom we work, as well as all of our supporters, sponsors, partners, and donors.

Commitment to accountability , ethical practices and adherence to strong and comprehensive standards are central to everything we do. We believe in trust, transparency, and responsibility.

Your Impact

We recognize our duty to use contributions as effectively and efficiently as possible and to be accountable to all our stakeholders. Our high ratings with various external monitoring groups reflect the impact our programs have as well as our good stewardship practices.

Programs such as sponsorship, vocational training, and Sadaqa Jariya have a lasting impact on children and widows alike as it provides them a chance to grow, a chance to discover, a chance to believe in the limitless possibilities their future can hold.

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