Al-Ayn Social Care Canada Foundation


As an independent non-profit humanitarian organization, Al-Ayn Canada hopes to help people of all kinds. Our Vision at Al-Ayn Canada is to be a global leader offering assistance to the orphaned and destitute. We hope to put an end to the suffering of the needy by providing financial, medical, and psychological assistance for those less fortunate.


Our mission is to become a leader among humanitarian organizations by providing assistance to all identified and registered individuals who have been orphaned or displaced due to war, acts of terrorism, natural disasters or other causes. Ultimately, our goal is to spread our message on a global level to draw support to our mission from a compassionate global community. In addition, we seek to advocate with governments, local and international humanitarian organizations, and philanthropists to take on the responsibility of caring for orphans and their families.


  • To care for, sponsor, nurture, educate, and develop individuals that have been orphaned due to war, terrorism, natural disasters or other causes.
  • To care for the destitute, disabled, and displaced due to war, terrorism, natural disasters, or other causes.
  • To provide social services, care, and assistance to those in need internationally as well as within our local communities.
  • To perform all other activities permitted under the internal revenue code in furtherance of the organization’s purpose and stated objectives.