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Make your Khums have a lasting impact on orphaned children in need

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Why give to Al-Ayn?

Al-Ayn has permission (Ijaza) to spend 100% of your Khums on orphaned children living in poverty. This Ijaza has been signed and stamped directly by Al-Sayyid Al-Sistani himself. A copy of the Ijaza can be seen here as well as directly on his website.

Your Khums will be spent on providing essential services to orphaned children living in need and lifting them out of poverty. Thousands of people give their Khums regularly to Al-Ayn. You can too.

How do I calculate how much Khums to pay?

Calculate your Khums using our calculator or request a free call back to answer your queries.


Khums payments are split into two equal shares:

1) The share of the Imam – Sahm Al-Imam: This part is spent on charitable causes at the discretion of the jurist (marja’a).

2) The share of the Sayyids – Sahm Al-Sada: This part is spent on those in need from the descendants of Hashim (the great grandfather of Prophet Muhammad).

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Please always specify if your Khums is only of one part, Sahm Al-Imam or Sahm Al-Sada.