In light of his general guardianship over orphaned children and the needy, Al-Sayyed Ali Al-Sistani has considered the act of putting money in Al-Ayn’s Sadaqa Boxes to be a transfer of ownership to him, on behalf of the orphaned children. Hence money placed in these boxes is considered Sadaqa Maqbootha (Received Sadaqa), and the rewards of Sadaqa are reaped immediately.

To ensure that the money placed in these boxes does indeed reach orphaned children in need, Al-Ayn has various checks and controls in place. For instance, locked Sadaqa Boxes must only be opened at an Al-Ayn office in the presence of two trained members of the team and a receipt issued to the box holder



Frequently asked questions


You should return your Sadaqa Box within 3 months of receiving it. You will receive a replacement box at the same time.

Sadaqa Boxes can be returned to the Al-Ayn Canada office located at 6 Levendale Rd, Richmond Hill, ON during office hours. Feel free to call us at (905) 401-4072 or email

As soon as the Sadaqa Box reaches us, we are able to begin the process of transferring the sadaqa money to those in need. We therefore have a process in place to help ensure every penny is received without delay.

Every little means a lot with 100% of the money placed in Al-Ayn Sadaqa (Charity) Boxes distributed exclusively to orphaned children living below the poverty line as part of fixed monthly financial aid.


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