Location: Richmond Hill

Sadqah Box Management including but not limited to:

  • Preparation/Locking of sadqah boxes and logging into the DMS.
  • Distribution of sadqah boxes to donors including commercial distribution.
  • Collection of sadqah boxes from donors and logging into DMS.
  • Opening/Unlocking of Sadqah boxes received/collected from donors.
  • Counting and recording the donations from Sadqah Boxes into DMS and issuing receipts thereof.
  • Counting cash and/or rolling/tubing the coins depositing into bank.
  • Making phone calls, if required, to address any sadqah box related matters.
  • Receiving incoming phone calls and answering/resolving sadqah box related inquiries.
  • Maintaining and monitoring inventory levels of locked sadqah boxes.
  • Despatching lock sadqah boxes to other locations and/or cities.
  • Following up with donors for collection of sadqah boxes after three months of distribution.
  • Monitoring of sadqah box email and replying to donor queries.
  • Compliance with all standard operating procedures in place for sadqah boxes.
  • Providing monthly sadqah box reports to management to monitor, measure and analyse sadqah box department budgets and KPIs.
  • Develop new and innovative ways of increasing sadqah Box distribution.


Office Logistics including but not limited to:

  • Lifting and moving of sadqah boxes to/from basement to organize office space.
  • Lifting and moving of other office items to organize office space.
  • Doing office errands (purchasing of office supplies, shipping and couriers etc ) as and when required.
  • Helping team members in various office matters as and when required.
  • Organizing office space for optimal use.
  • Loading and transporting of sadqah boxes and/or other event items like tables, chairs, tents etc to event venue and bringing the same back to office.
  • Maintaining and monitoring the office vehicle usage and maintenance log and getting the service done when needed.
  • Picking up/collection of donations from donors as and when needed.