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Events at Al-Ayn Canada

At Al-Ayn Canada, we host various events throughout the year in an effort to gain sponsorships and donations for our orphans. Al-Ayn Canada also offers volunteering opportunities for anyone looking to contribute to a reputable organization and a worthy cause.


Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya Series – With Sheikh Aous Asfar

Join Sheikh Aous Asfar every Tuesday for seven weeks as he discusses the importance of Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya. A book of divine supplications and whispered prayers, written by Imam Zain al-Abideen (a.s). Uncover the importance of this divine book through a series of lectures that dissect and tackle different aspects of the supplications, through hadiths and references. 

STARTING ON : Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

TIME: 8:00PM


Photography by Zaheer Molu (@zmoluphotography) www.zmolu.com

What We Have Done so far

Past Events

Resume Writing - Jan 2020

On January 15th 2020 , Al-Ayn Canada hosted a resume writing workshop at the MARC Library in the Jaffari Community Centre. All proceeds from the event went towards empowering orphans. 

Al-Ayn Canada  invited Sister Siddiqah Gulamhussein, a HR professional who graduated from York University in 2015. She currently works at Johnson & Johnson Inc as an Analyst. 

The event was free to all youth groups at mosques and universities and was truly a success with many leaving encouraged and motivated to work hard and dedicate time to their resumes. 

Many also left learnt new things about Al-Ayn and left with their sadaqa boxes and made their own donations.

Grand Opening - Feb 2020

On February 1st 2020, Al-Ayn Canada officially opened its doors to the public at its Richmond Hill location. The event was initiated with a ribbon cutting ceremony that featured special guests, Maulana Sayyid Muhammed Rizvi from Toronto, Canada and Sheikh Amjed al-Saadi Riad (The General Supervisor of ASCF) from Iraq.  The ribbon cutting was followed by a presentation about Al-Ayn, short speeches given by the Al-Ayn Canada office members who recently visited the head office in Baghdad, Iraq. They spoke about their experiences at the head office and operations in Iraq. Soon after, an award was presented to Maulana Rizvi by Sheikh Amjad to recognize his continuous support towards Al-Ayn.

The response we received towards our work from our guests was overwhelming as we managed to get numerous sponsorships as well as donations to support orphans. Many were impressed by the interactive information exhibit and others were moved by the Al-Ayn Gift Shop that displayed items made by orphans through the workshops hosted by Al-Ayn especially for them. Overall, the Grand Opening event was a success given that everyone that attended, left with a smile on their face and were able to gain better knowledge and understanding of Al-Ayn.


Open House - Feb 2020

Following the Grand Opening, we opened our doors at Al-Ayn Canada to the public. We had a lot of people walk-in to learn more about our work and know about our mission to create a better life for every orphan in need. The Open House was an opportunity for anyone who is interested in Al-Ayn, to walk in and tour our office, learn about the situation of orphans in Iraq, and if interested, to sponsor or donate towards the cause. Throughout the day, we had numerous volunteers help us in creating a better experience for our visitors. Whether it was greeting our visitors, managing the food stations or assisting guests with choosing an orphan to sponsor, our volunteers handled everything professionally. 

The Grand Opening and Open House were executed successfully with the efforts of our team at Al-Ayn Canada and all the volunteers who came through and helped us create a memorable experience for all of our guests and visitors.

Rose Sale - Feb 2020

For the birth anniversary of Syeda Fatima Zahra (s.a), Al-Ayn Canada partnered with various mosques and universities across the province to sponsor orphans. Al-Ayn Canada was able to partner with four different youth groups at the Jaffari Community Centre, The Council of Islamic Guidance, Masumeen Islamic Centre and the Al-Hussain Foundation.

We were also able to partner with three Thaqalayn Muslim Associations at the University of Western and the University of Windsor. Each youth group and university hosted a rose sale where 100% of the proceeds went towards sponsoring orphans.

The sales at mosques and islamic centres were carried out by the members of the youth groups at each location, accompanied by different employees of Al-Ayn Canada at each location in order to better inform people of the organization. Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation Canada would like to thank each youth group and university group for taking part in this campaign and empowering orphans together!


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