Ramadan: Food Baskets

Ramadan is a month of blessings and a time to be charitable. It is our responsibility as brothers and sisters in humanity, to help those vulnerable families that are in need to support during this holy month. The COVID-19 pandemic has not made it easy for families of orphaned children and other families in Iraq, living below the poverty line. Do your part and gain the reward for charity this Ramadan.

For just $40 per food basket, help feed people in need facing hardship and uncertainty during this pandemic.

COVID-19 has taught us the true value of human life. We have learned to appreciate the breaths we take, the food we eat, and the shelter we live under. But what about those who suffer daily? Those who have been living a life of uncertainty every day of their lives. Now is your chance to give. Now is our chance to come together as brothers and sisters in humanity, to save humanity.

*If the funds collected through this campaign exceed the required amount for this initiative, the donations will go towards our orphan sponsorship program.

of 200,000.00 CA$
  • One Basket
  • 5 Baskets
  • 10 Baskets