Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation Canada

Medical Care

To date, Al-Ayn (Iraq) has carried out over 41,000 medical treatments for orphaned children and their mothers/guardians. In hundreds of cases, the treatment included operations. Sometimes, treatment has been conducted abroad. Our supporters who wish to contribute to medical care treatments or services can do so by visiting our donation page or by donating via Bank Transfer and using the reference AYN MED.

Educational Support

Every child of school age at Al-Ayn is encouraged to remain in school to enable them to achieve their potential. Al-Ayn (Iraq) runs volunteer-led tuition classes for children during holidays and weekends. Each child also receives a back-to-school kit at the beginning of every year, which includes school uniform, a school bag, stationery and more. To contribute to educational support programmes, visit our donation page or donate via Bank Transfer using the reference AYN EDU.

Psychological Rehabilitation

We are dedicated to providing services that cater to the mental health needs of orphaned children because we believe mental health matters. To date, Al-Ayn (Iraq) has registered over 1,400 orphaned children to its Psychological Rehabilitation Programme. We are building six more Psychological Rehabilitation Centres across Iraq to give even more children access to vital care. To contribute towards this project visit our donation page or donate via Bank Transfer using the reference AYN PSY.

4 Things That Set Us Apart

Life Long Commitment

Once an orphan is sponsored we make sure they never go hungry again. If a private sponsor is unable to continue with their sponsorship, we are always able to find someone to take over the sponsorship. Therefore a child who is sponsored will remain taken care.

Commitment of Care

As an independent Non-Profit, Al-Ayn ensures that every child we care for is put into the best position possible. Therefore we are driven to make sure that all our sponsored orphans meet an appropriate standard of living as set out by the United Nations.

Commitment of Accountability

As a Non-Profit organization, Al-Ayn Canada works with Al-Ayn Iraq to provide care for thousands of orphans. Al-Ayn Iraq is an independent charitable humanitarian organization that holds consultative NGO status in the United Nations.

$0 - Zero Admin Fee's

Thanks to our key partners, our administrative costs are completely reimbursed, this allows for a 100% of funds donated to be allocated in service of intended recipients