Muharram 1443/2021 Sponsorship Initiative

Indeed, We have dignified the children of Adam (17:70)


It is a priceless emotion. Lifting an orphaned child out of a crisis. At Al-Ayn, we begin with dignity.This Muharram, we renew our pledge to our orphans and supporters of providing dignified care. A pledge to provide for orphaned children what we would want to provide for our own children. A pledge to deliver the comprehensive care they need to grow into leaders of the future generation. Join us in renewing the pledge for dignified care this Muharram.

It only takes $100 a month to sponsor a child. This small amount goes a long way towards recovery and healing from loss, trauma, and poverty. With your help, our orphans can persevere through this journey to a better life.

Inspire hope this Muharram by:


    This year, I met a group of children in the Holy City of Najaf. Hussain had come with his friend, and neighbor, Abbas. I had initially mistaken them for siblings, based on the way they looked out for each other from the very moment they arrived.

    Where one would go, the other would follow. They would laugh together, play together, and when the other children sat down on the lunch table, Hussain and Abbas sat together too, but on the floor.

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  • Meet Zahra

    My name is Adawiya. I am a wife, a mother of three, and a businesswoman. After my husband, Hassan passed away 12 years ago, my heart was shattered. His absence was felt by the heartbreak he left behind. But I knew I had to be strong and place my own needs aside to take care of our children.

    Now, they are my hope. Zahra, (pictured) in particular, is very gifted in school. Three days ago, the school held a “Parent’s Evening,” which is similar to parent-teacher conferences. Zahra’s teacher commended me on her, praising me for doing a great job. She commented that Zahra is always presentable and prepared for class. I have no doubt that Hassan would be proud of her. He had passed away when I was pregnant with her brother, Munjed, who as a result, never had the chance to meet his father. Zahra was also very young and even her older brother, Yousif, can barely recall his father’s image.

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  • 100%To the Orphans in need. 0% Admin Fees.

  • Financial, medical, psychological, and educational support.

  • Over 68,000 orphaned children are supported every month.

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