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Sponsorship Fund

Thank you for considering joining us in the movement to empower orphaned children

Sponsorship Fund

Our Sponsorship Fund helps us provide consistent monthly support to thousands of orphaned children who have not yet been matched with a private sponsor. Every penny is spent directly on the children and their families. It could help sustain a family in need of medical care, food support, clothing and more. Donations that make a difference to over 76,000 lives.

Transparency At Al-Ayn

At Al-Ayn, we take care to ensure that every penny you gift is spent on the needs of a child who has lost one or both parents. To ensure this, our dedicated follow-up teams are in regular contact with orphaned children and their guardians. Our staff and volunteers monitor the beneficiary support process and maintain detailed record keeping and careful documentation.

Giving Is About Making A Difference

Why Not Sponsor A Child?

We believe that when you give children the tools they need to achieve their potential, the possibilities are endless. The monthly financial support received by each eligible child is life changing. With a minimum of £55 per month, the basic needs of the child can be looked after and they are brought above the poverty line. Orphaned children, just like any other children, deserve to be given a chance. A chance to grow, a chance to discover, a chance to believe in the limitless possibilities their future can hold.

100% of your donations and sponsorship payments reach our orphaned children. We don’t deduct admin fees.

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