Written by Batool Fatima

The sky bleeds today
The winds have lost their way
The earth is beginning to shatter
The angel’s concern about the matter
Hussain’s only intention is to fulfill this request
The word of God we mustn’t lest
There will come a time that we shall rest
But for that, I must pass this test

The sky bleeds today
The winds have lost their way
The clouds begin to shake
As the Universe is about to break
Then came Abal Fadhl Abbas
The one whom alone could take on the mass
But it was his nafs he had taken to class
Water in his hands but thirst quenched with ehsas

As he turned towards the tent
He knew how much Sakina meant
Her uncle is one who always lent
His shoulder when she wanted to lament
But as his Alam swayed side to side
Sakina had no tears left to hide
In asking for water she took no pride
Said I want nothing more than my uncle as my guide

With sorrow she watched her uncles Alam fall
Hussain said I no longer stand tall
My back has given up on all
“my Master!” gave Abbas his one last call
When Hussain got closer
What did he see
That caused him to weep uncontrollably
His brothers arms were in one place
And his body another
I have lost all my strength, oh my dear mother

The sky bleeds today
The winds have lost their way
The mountains collapse even
The heavens hear the sorrow and grieving
Now words fail me to write out the atrocities
But you must hear about Ali Akbar’s generosity
Only 18 years old facing adversity
Knew his father alone can’t have befallen calamity

Akbar was in a state of devastation
How does he leave his mother who does lamentations
Layla couldn’t be consoled
It took everything from her to sacrifice her son of gold
One whom Allah gave the prophets face to hold
With his chest heavy, he walked out of the tents
He showed his courage to the highest extent
Fighting one on one with each deviant
His death is one that breaks hearts made of cement

Hearing his last calls Hussain lost the noor of his eyes
Today Hussain loses all his ties
Spear in his son’s heart yet he smiles
He says Baba we still continue to rise
I see the prophet welcoming me in my demise

The sky bleeds today
The winds have lost their way
The trees have lost their colour
This is a day like no other
Hussain alone in Karbala
Begins to weep
Hal min nasirin yansurna, he speaks
This wakes up Ali Asghar from his sleep
The promise of Allah, I too keep

Oh readers it hurts to write out these lines
How Hussain took Ali Asghar during these tough times
They spared not even the children of Hussain
No wonder the water turns to blood when it begins to rain
Rabab watched her baby leave
From the tent the madar watches and grieves
As a spear hits the throat of her child
Even the baby of Hussain gets his enemy riled
Nevertheless even Asghar smiled
Death to Ahlul Bayt was something mild

The sky bleeds today
The winds have lost their way
Angels have descended to claim Imam Hussain
The greatest warrior the enemies had slain
It was one man who stood in the face of justice
So every year how can we not miss
Shedding tears over Hussain is pure bliss

Inna lillahe wa inna ilayhe rajioon
Now I hear cries from even the moon
Hussain on the ground not an inch of his body without an arrow
Yet on his mind is what will happen to my Bibis tomorrow
Seventy steps away his sister beats her head
Wallahi if Hussain dies for his Lord then he is not dead
I cannot go on as my heart will rip apart
But if you ever feel low in imaan then read this poem again from the start

The sky bleeds today
The winds have lost their way
The stars feel the sorrow too
For the Earth is losing a beloved
It’s one and true
To complete this quest on one side Hussain had Zainab
A sister like Zainab, who became her brother’s backbone
Yet no mercy she was shown
On streets of shaam got her chador thrown
As she exclaimed, “oh people I am from your own!”

Zainab was one who never forgot her Rab
Not a word of complaint on her lab
Sacrificed her sons both Aun o Mohammad
On the plains of Karbala not containing a shrub
Zainab’s trial leaves one without words
How she took care of the women after facing Yazid’s herd
How she cried out to her father
Ya Ali save me
But to others she mentioned, “I see nothing but beauty”

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